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We Do Yard Cleanup in Union, KY

Proper care for your lawn comes down to many factors, including Spring and Fall cleanup. Moon Lawncare and Landscaping offers many services to keep your yard efficient and healthy. We can mow your lawn, install pavers, aerate the soil, and clean up your yard. The latter is one of the most ignored components of landscaping, but it can make a huge difference with your lawn. 

When you hire us for your yard cleanup, our lawn technicians will clear out grass clippings, leaves, debris, and other problematic elements. Trying to clean up your own yard can be time-consuming and take a lot of work, but we’ll make sure you never have to life a finger. Our experts are thorough in our year-round yard cleaning services.

We’ll provide quality results to clear debris and refuse away using modern equipment. You can count on us for your yard cleanup in Union, KY, so give us a call today!

Yard Cleanup in Union, KY You Can Trust

One of the best reasons to let us clean your yard is to get things ready for the colder parts of the year. Spring is a common time for people to want their yard cleaned, aerated, and to have various lawn services done. However, a lot of people don’t want to take the time to make all that happen. If you have a bigger yard, especially, it can be exhausting to clear out all the weeds, leaves, and debris that collect on your lawn. When you hire us for your Spring yard cleanup, some of the services you can look forward to are:

  • Hardscape cleaning
  • Raking
  • Removing debris, snow, or weeds
  • Mulch installation
  • Composting
  • Waste and refuse removal

We’ll start by cleaning up sticks, twigs, and leaves with a blower. Any debris on your lawn will be placed in bags and removed if you want. We’ll do the same with any hard surfaces that need cleared, like the driveway or paths through your backyard. If you have specific instructions or needs, feel free to send us a picture with notes where you want the debris moved to. We believe in customer satisfaction, so schedule an appointment when you call us today for yard cleanup in Union, KY!

We’re often asked questions about our lawn services, so we like to address the common ones ahead of time. The amount of time a yard cleanup in Union, KY can take varies for different property sizes and needs.

We’ll find the right time to schedule your cleaning to make sure you don’t have anything to worry about. In most cases, we can have your lawn cleared in a few hours. During yard cleanup, we also haul away debris as an added benefit.

Our Spring or Fall yard cleanup service begins with an at-home consultation. Once we understand the situation, we’ll be able to provide an accurate estimate of the cost. We don’t want any surprises when we’re done.

If you’re wondering why you should have your yard professionally cleaned, the answer comes down to curb appeal and property value. We want to make your yard look as good as possible to give your property the highest value, so call us today!

Whether you need our services in the Fall or you want a Spring yard cleanup, the steps we’ll take will include:

  • Trimming and shaping bushes or shrubs
  • Edging
  • Mowing
  • Blowing away grass clippings
  • Leaf and weed removal

On top of those basic services, we offer other options for your needs. We’re experienced with mulch and sod installation, tearing up dead or unwanted plants, and planting or installing trees. 

Lawn aeration by our experts can improve soil quality and plant growth. We can also bag grass clippings and plants specific flowers customized to bring a mood to your yard. 

To get the most out of your yard, trust Moon Lawncare and Landscaping when you give us a call now!

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