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Superior Lawn Care Service in Union, KY

When you’re looking for professional lawn care, you’ve come to the right place. Moon Lawncare and Landscaping offers services to keep your lawn healthy and protected. When you hire our lawn experts, we can inspect your yard and diagnose common issues for treatment. Some of the situations we’re experienced with are:

  • Brown patches
  • Iron chlorosis
  • Damage caused by pests, like grubs or chinch bugs
  • Take-all patch
  • Mosquito problems
  • Pool cleaning and repair
  • Outdoor lighting installation

We’re also capable of many handyman services, from painting and power washing to gutter cleaning and window installation. One of the most common questions we get is how frequent your yard will be mowed. The schedule we suggest will be based on several factors, including how high you want your grass, the type of grass, and how long it takes for your grass to grow. 

In some cases, you might need a weekly mowing, but we’ll work with your budget and property needs to find a custom schedule. We can do our lawn work while you’re not home but let us know any necessary information we’ll need to know. It’s also important to keep your children and pets inside for safety reasons. To get started with scheduled yard cleanup, give us a call today!

Let Your Yard Breathe

Another service we can employ is aeration, which helps the soil breathe and improve growth. To aerate your lawn, our technicians can slice, make holes, or utilize alternate means to let nutrients, water, and air get through the soil. We’ve used anything from hands and shoe spikes to high-grade solutions for lawn aeration.

There are many reasons to consider professional lawn aeration. Over time, your soil can compact and become almost impenetrable for water and nutrients. This prevents soil from being healthy and can lead to a lot of lawn issues. Quality aeration by Moon Lawncare and Landscaping can stimulate microbes, improve healthier roots, and decompose thatch.

If you’re not familiar, thatch is an organic layer that can cover your lawn. If your lawn produces organic material quicker than it can decompose, it leads to thatch buildup. The thicker the layer of thatch, the harder it is for your lawn to breathe. It’s good to have a thin layer of thatch for better insulation from extreme temperatures and drought, but thatch buildup can kill your lawn. If you have patches of dead grass, we can provide mulch installation.

More thatch can retain water to the point of drowning your soil and keeping oxygen out. Stagnant water can also attract pests and diseases. When you let us aerate your lawn, we’ll loosen up compacted soil to prevent these issues. It’s a good idea to have your lawn aerated in the Fall, late Spring, and late Winter for effective thatch control. 

We recommend lawn aeration when your grass is at the height of its growth for easier recovery. If there’s nothing wrong with your lawn, you should still consider aeration every couple of years. There are different lawn aerators that our team is experienced with, like:

  • Spike aerators
  • Liquid aerators
  • Slice aerators
  • Core, or plug, aerators

Even if you don’t have issues with thatch buildup on your lawn, it’s still worth considering lawn aeration. Call our technicians today when you’re ready for lawn care service in Union, KY!

Say No to Weeds

There are several reasons to keep weeds out of your yard with professional control methods. When you work with Moon Lawncare and Landscaping, we can improve the health of your soil, fertilize the grass, and treat your yard for a vibrant look without worrying about weeds. When we’re hired, we like to open up the pores of your soil at the beginning of the year. The cooler soil absorbs moisture and nutrients better.

Sea kelp can increase the division of cells and lawn growth. Deeper roots are improved with phosphorous. pH levels are balanced, soil is detoxified, and water is retained better with humas. We always spot-treat weeds when we come by regularly to keep them from coming back. If you have a problem with weeds or want to prevent them from causing problems, give us a call now for lawn care services in Union, KY!

Get the Best Seeding

Our lawn technicians offer power seeding to keep your yard green year-round. We can provide sod installation, too, to make sure that your lawn looks exactly how you’ve always wanted. To start with seeding, our team will recommend the best seed mix for your property. We’ll use professional-grade equipment to create thicker turf and strong roots. 

For every 1,000 square feet of yardage, we can lay down 1.5 million seeds of grass to give you a full lawn.  Power seeding will plant the seeds straight to your soil without harming the grass that’s already there. Putting seeds into direct contact with your soil is crucial for effective grass growth. Our seeding service improves germination and gives you the best chance for a beautiful lawn, so call Moon Lawncare and Landscaping today for lawn care services in Union, KY!

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