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Complete Sod Installation in Union, KY

One of the most underrated aspects of lawncare is professional sod installation. Sod is basically a pre-grown roll of grass that gets installed onto the soil of your yard. It’s an effective way to create a vibrant lawn when you don’t want to wait for seeding to take root. Our experts at Moon Lawncare and Landscaping understand the many factors that affect quality sodding.

The first variable that affects which grass we’ll recommend is your climate. Depending on your location, the weather can play a dramatic role in how well your sod installation in Union, KY will function. When you call us today for an estimate, some of the climate factors that make a difference are:

  • Quality and depth of soil
  • Sun or shade
  • Foot traffic
  • How well your yard is maintained
  • The purpose of your sod, such as athletic activity, golf, or a basic lawn
  • The average rainfall
  • Whether or not your yard is irrigated

Top Sod Installation in Union, KY

There are many types of grass seed to consider for your new sod. Our lawn technicians are familiar with numerous types of grass that might work better for your climate. Some common choices are:

  • Bermuda. This does well with drought and traffic, but it needs more sunlight.
  • Zoysia. Can handle shade better than some grass seeds. Zoysia is better for recreational activity with light to moderate traffic. The turf is closer to carpet in density.
  • St. Augustine. The wide blades of this grass aren’t as tolerant to drought, so it might need irrigation. It doesn’t do well with high traffic.

Whenever we’re hired for sod installation in Union, KY, we use the right amount of irrigation. Fresh sod needs to be watered properly with lawn services. When the seeds are stored correctly, your grass can last as long as three years. Because of that, you’ll have many options to choose from for your seeds.

Our lawn technicians can recommend the best sod for your climate and soil. It doesn’t take us long to unroll your sod and install it once you’ve picked the grass seed. Sodding is an effective option that’s usually easier than seeding and maintenance. However, it has to be done properly by experienced professionals to avoid a dead lawn, so give us a call today!

A frequent debate is whether you should choose to sod or seed your yard. There are pros and cons to either argument. We like to help our customers make an informed choice, especially since we offer both services.

One of the biggest differences is the amount of time it takes to have a healthy-looking yard. Sod installation in Union, KY will instantly provide you with a lawn while power seeding takes time to grow. Sod already has roots to penetrate soil.

In most cases, grass blades are longer to take in more sunlight and grow faster. It usually only takes two or three weeks to have a full yard after professional sod has been installed. 

After that, you can reap the benefits of a complete lawn. Seeding could take an entire growing seeding or longer before it’s fully developed for activity. 

Both end up with a beautiful lawn, but sodding definitely has advantages. Just don’t forget to hire us when it’s time for your yard cleanup, so call Moon Lawncare and Landscaping now!

Seeding can help repair a damage lawn, as long as it’s irrigated properly. If you’re trying to figure out if you need to replace or repair your yard, we can help. Our experts will factor in the healthy grass against the amount of dead grass and weeds in your yard.

If there’s a large portion of your lawn, around forty or fifty percent, that’s dead or weeds, we recommend sodding. If the ratio goes the other way, with at least half your yard being healthy, you might only need our seeding and weed control services.

Sod comes in a variety of seeds to choose from for your climate and interests. We know that you might have a budget to keep in mind, and sod is typically more expensive than seeding. Even if you choose sod, you still need it installed correctly to keep it from dying.

We offer quality services, from sodding to mulch installation To make sure you get the most out of your lawn care, call our trained team today to schedule an appointment!

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