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Photos of Our Work

Below you’ll find several galleries of work we’ve completed in and around Union, KY – including the descriptions of the neighborhood and work completed. Call us at 859-468-5932 to discuss your project and schedule a free estimate!

Custom Water Feature Installation

Here we built a custom water feature to elicit the calming and relaxing effect of a trickling stream.

Elevated Deck

We built a deck around the second floor of this home, including a staircase for easy access to the backyard. As we typically do, we included a custom metal railing to establish a distinct look that blended appropriately with the home’s exterior.

Curved Retaining Wall and Plant Installation

Here is an example of a small retaining wall installation as well as several of the plants we installed. We chose these plants with their long term growth in mind, ensuring that the wall isn’t damaged as their roots grow and that their mature appearance compliments the rest of the installation.

Custom Paver Patio and Walkway

We built a patio for this homeowner, so they would have a great place to entertain while grilling. We also built a walkway leading from the driveway to the patio and installed several plants to accentuate the feature.

Custom Patio, Path, and a Fire Pit!

There’s nothing quite like gathering around a fire with some friends, so we built a round patio to facilitate sitting in a circle around this fire pit. We also built a path from the driveway to the patio. You’ll see before, during, and completed photos below.

Landscape Design, Installation, and More!

One of our largest projects last season! We completed a landscape installation that surrounded the whole house, including mulching the appropriate areas. To reduce maintenance costs while providing a distinct look, we also installed stone. 

Deck with Custom Railing

As is the case with most of our deck installations, we opted to go with a custom metal railing to give this home a distinct look that makes you want to hang out and spend time on the deck.

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He is impressive human being, he is young and reliable and trustworthy, one of the best workers I have ever had work for me in any area of life.

– Landscape Design and Installation review by Lauren P.