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Refreshing Mulch Installation in Union, KY

There are many options when it comes to landscaping, and mulch can be a great addition to your lawn care. When you hire Moon Lawncare and Landscaping, you’ll get our experience and expertise. We know the best methods and recommendations for quality mulch installation. Some of the potential benefits with mulch are:

  • Mulch can give contrast to your features and bring out the most in colors
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Block out extreme UV rays
  • Soil retains moisture better

Mulch comes in a variety of colors, like black, red, and dark brown. While mulch can be installed at any time, it’s a good idea to schedule your mulch installation in Union, KY around the Springtime. This can rejuvenate your yard and keep plants safer from the excessive Summer heat. We offer our lawn services to residential and commercial properties.

Having mulch in your flower beds or around the base of trees can prevent moisture loss. It’s also great at keeping out weeds and maintaining the temperature of your soil throughout the year. Organic mulch can also increase your soil quality when it starts to break down. If you still need a reason to get mulch, the visual aspects can raise your curb appeal, so call us today!

The Best Mulch Installation in Union, KY

As time goes by, your mulch can wear down or get old. Whether you need to replace your mulch or have it installed for the first time, you can count on us. We recommend annual mulch installation in Union, KY to get the most benefits. Extreme temperatures of the Summer and Winter can wreak havoc on your plants, but mulch can regulate soil temperature and keep landscaping secure.

Our team offers anything from mulching to sod installation throughout the year. We know it’s not always convenient for your schedule or budget, but it’s still recommended to be done around Spring. One way to know it’s time to replace your mulch is when it’s decomposing into the soil. If you have inorganic mulch, watch for a faded or worn look. When you need new mulch, give us a call now!

While mulch comes in many different colors, that doesn’t mean much when it comes to quality. Still, it can boost your curb appeal and bring out the most in your landscaping features. 

Mulch of any color will keep your plants safe the same. The aesthetic options of mulch are mostly for the sake of design and curb appeal. When you hire us, you’ll have red, black, and dark brown mulch to choose from.

If you’re not sure which color or type of mulch installation in Union, KY to pick, we can help. We’ll recommend the right mulch for your yard. Organic mulch is crafted from previously living materials, like pine straw, sawdust, triple shredded hardwood, and bark.

Inorganic is made from materials that were never living, such as black plastic sheets, landscaping fabrics, rocks, and rubber playground mulch. The colors may not matter, but the type plays a huge role in your lawn care.

Organic mulch gives nutrients to the soil and plants when it decomposes. However, because of that, you’ll need organic mulch replacement more often than inorganic. Give us a call today and schedule your consultation!

Having your mulch replaced at once or twice a year will make the most of it. While it can increase your curb appeal with a better visual, other benefits you could enjoy from annual mulch installation are:

  • Temperature regulated in the soil
  • Avoid soil erosion
  • Keep moisture in
  • Prevent weeds from growing
  • Prevent water from evaporating

Proper mulch installation is key to these benefits. It starts with getting the right amount of mulch put on your lawn. When you hire us for your mulch installation, though, here are some steps you can expect:

  1. We’ll set up an edge to the mulching area. This will limit mess for yard cleanup later.
  2. Excess old mulch will be collected and removed.
  3. New mulch is installed in small sections to prevent over-mulching.
  4. Our team will spread out the mulch by hand or with a rake.

It’s important to water your mulched area the first one or two days to keep the color. For the best recommendations and installation of your mulch, call us today!

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