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Ideas for Great Landscaping in Edgewood, KY

Whether you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer, or you’re working with a professional for landscaping in Edgewood, KY there are a few tried-and true ideas that will help you ensure you have a great looking yard. By implementing some of these suggestions you’ll have a home that feels inviting and, in many cases, boost its curb appeal. So if you want to have the prettiest house on the block, read on to learn more!

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Fresh Mulch is a Great Touch

Mulch provides a really great way to keep your garden and flower beds healthy. It provides organic material that provides nutrients to the soil while helping to control moisture. It’s also one of the best ways to prevent soil erosion. But freshly applied mulch can help to ensure your garden and landscaping looks pristine – and with the wide variety of colors available it can really make your entire installation “POP!”

Be Keen on the Green

When it comes to giving a home that perfect finishing touch, there’s nothing that’s more American than a beautiful, well manicured lawn. But many homeowners don’t realize that they’re overdoing it when it comes to lawn maintenance. Be careful not to cut your grass too low, and don’t water your lawn when it’s too dry and hot outside or most of the water will end up evaporating away.

Perennials Preferred

While we sure wouldn’t mind coming back to help with your landscaping in Edgewood, KY every single year we do highly recommend you install perennials. Not only will this save you maintenance and installation costs, but it will allow you to have landscaping in Edgewood, KY that is consistent year after year.

More Tips for Gorgeous Landscaping in Edgewood, KY

Use Planters to Add Color That Pops

Okay, we’ll admit that we’re saying “pop” a lot in this article, but we promise it’s appropriate. Using planters along the walkway or at the entryway of your home is a great way to incorporate annuals into your landscaping. By choosing the right planter and flower combinations you can not only add a nice distinct splash of color, but you’ll be able to easily change it next year to go with the trends.

Regrouting Paver Patios is a Must

If you have a paver patio it’s essential that you have it regrouted occasionally. This helps to prevent weeds from growing between the pavers and helps to ensure that every element of your landscaping in Edgewood, KY stays pristine and presentable. Along with this tip we recommend installation gravel or mulch alongside walkways and patios to help keep the weeds at bay.

Consider the Evenings

One thing many homeowners fail to consider is how their landscaping will look in the evening. With properly designed and installed lighting you can enjoy your landscaping in Edgewood, KY well after the sun sets. And with the correct lighting your front yard will really stand out once the sun sets.

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