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Landscape Design and Installation in Covington, KY

Whether you’re looking to hire a professional for landscape design and installation in Covington, KY or you’re just looking for a few tips to help you get started on a DIY project, this page is for you. Here you can read about the eight basic principles of landscape design, which will be helpful whether you undertake your project by yourself or with the help of a landscape designer in Covington, KY – like Moon Lawncare and Landscaping.

The following principles will help you by providing inspiration and also giving you a set of guidelines to work with. By no means are they the exhaustive “rules to follow” – and in some cases you may be better off following your intuition and “doing your own thing.”

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The Basics of Covington, KY Landscape Design

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Color and Transition

Colors are one of the defining traits of any landscape installation – whether it’s the colors you choose for your walkways, patio paver stones, flowers, or furniture, color can help to provide life to your design. By combining colors in the right way your design will have depth – both literally and figuratively. Choosing your plants carefully can help to ensure colorful blooms throughout the year.


Principle two is transition – for instance having smaller plants at the beginning of a walkway that leads to larger plants towards the rear of the installation. Transition is an essential component of landscape design in Covington, KY because it helps you get the most out of your entire property – both the elements that are designed for eye appeal and those that are meant for use.

Unity and Balance

Principles three and four are unity and balance.

When it comes to landscape design in Covington, KY “unity” refers to consistent elements throughout your design. We can accomplish this by using the same types of stones in walkways and retaining walls, or by using the same plants and flowers at key elements of the installation.

Balance refers to ensuring the entire installation has a consistent feeling and appearance, without one area overwhelming the rest. There are two types of balance – symmetrical, meaning each side is identical, and asymmetrical, meaning different elements are used throughout the installation while still maintaining an “equal” feeling.

In the photo below asymmetrical balance is accomplished by having a large grouping of trees to the left of the walkway, while the house sits to the right.

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Contrast and harmony (principle five) are fairly straightforward. In the previous picture the red maple helps to contrast the rest of the installation, while still being in harmony with the rest of the choices.

The Principle of "Line" in Landscape Design and Installation in Covington, KY

In the previous picture the walkway helps to create a clear line that draws your eye up the path and to the entryway of the house. The line bends as it approaches a small grouping of trees. Furthermore, the retaining wall at the front of the house is a line that helps to create a solid delineation between the entryway and the front of the home. Lines are critical components of landscape design and help to give perspective, depth, and the illusion of distance to any installation.

Principle seven is the principle of proportion. Referring back to the picture with the house, notice how trees and shrubs of different sizes are used. This helps to make an installation more interesting to observe.

Principle eight is the principle of repetition. Notice in the previous picture of the seating area how the colors are repeated through all elements of the furniture, as well as the wicker-style design in each individual piece.

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While we do encourage our customers to be active and involved in the care and maintenance of their yard, we do realize that a properly designed landscape installation in Covington, KY isn’t something everyone can do. If you’re looking for help with the design and installation of your landscape give us a call at 859-468-5932 to schedule your free consultation and get an estimate!

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