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Get the Most Out of Your Decks and Pergolas in Hebron, KY

Whether it’s not spending a lot of time in the backyard or never going outside at night, there’s a good chance you’re not getting the most out of your property. With a custom deck installation by Moon Lawncare and Landscaping, you can change all of that! Especially with the right lighting or features, you can make your deck the best place to be on your plot of land!

There are some basic decks to start from:

  1. An exterior room that you can use throughout the year
  2. Free-standing
  3. Attached
  4. Screened
  5. Covered

We say basic decks, because that’s exactly what our designers will use to build off of. Once you’ve chosen the basic concept, we’ll work with you and ask questions to form a deck design around your needs and wants. Something to think about is what you want your deck made out of. While the most-common answer is pressure-treated wood for its affordable sturdiness, there’s no better material on the market than steel.

You’ll also have features to consider for your lifestyle and we’re ready to help make suggestions. When you’re ready for decks and pergolas in Hebron, KY, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 859-468-5932! Feel free to ask any questions you might have or tell us what you want out of your deck.

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The Purpose of Your Decks and Pergolas in Hebron, KY

If there’s one fact that holds true across the board, it’s that everything is affected by time and decks are no exception. Especially being exposed to the weather constantly, your deck will eventually need to be repaired or replaced and we can help with that, too. Your life will also change over time, so if you need to expand or upgrade your deck that would be a perfect time to do so!

Unfortunately, wood can rot, or pests can become a problem and your deck might cost more to fix than to just get a new one entirely. If that’s the case, our experts will work with you to get you the best deal on a replacement. We can install a deck as big as you want, but we’ll also be restricted to the confines of your budget. Still, we’ll do what we can to give you the deck of your dreams.

Because the purpose of your deck will be essential to our planning phase, there are some basic questions we like to ask when you’re hiring us:

  1. Whether you exercise alone or just want to relax in silence, do you want a deck for yourself?
  2. Will the deck be used more for family barbecues and charades with the neighbors?
  3. When do you think you’ll use your deck the most?

These may seem unimportant if you’ve never had a deck, but they’ll help us make design suggestions to better meet your lifestyle. Going back to the budget, a tighter budget or quiet living might benefit from a space-conscious design that feels open. On the other hand, you might need levels and stairs for larger get-togethers. Whatever the case, our custom deck installation will give you a deck that will maximize your investment so call us today!

Let Us Help with Your Decks and Pergolas in Hebron, KY

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Times change and new features are always trending, so the upgrades and improvements are always something to consider. One current idea is the pergola, which tosses out the standard cover in favor of a latticed design. It’s stable thanks to the pillars holding it up, but the main appeal of pergolas is the airflow and sunshine provided in sections. With some areas in shade and some not, it gives your guests and you options to enjoy it whenever.

On that note, one of the best ways to get more out of your pergola is with string lights along the rafters. This can give you a desired aesthetic or lighten the mood on your deck with dimmed LEDs. Of course, lighting can also be used to increase safety and security with rail or stair lighting, floodlights, and motion-activated lights. You’ve got a lot of options these days, but lights can let you enjoy your backyard at night.

Local codes for decks and pergolas in Hebron, KY are important to know, and our experts will make sure your installation meets all of them. One that a lot of contractors ignore is the space between pickets being no more than 3′ and 7/8″ apart. Any larger and it can weaken the stability of your deck, so we pay close attention to make sure you and your guests will be safe.

When it comes to colors, we suggest using stain instead of paint for the longevity and visual benefits. Basically, we know decks and we want to give you one that you can be proud of. Call Moon Lawncare and Landscaping today at 859-468-5932 and let us give you the installation that you deserve!

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