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It might be time to get a tree removal in Fort Mitchell, KY if one of your trees has started to lean over your home or gotten a bad case of termites. Trees can also rot without you knowing, which can also cause a danger to your property if left unchecked. Whatever the reason, it’s always a good reason to hire a contractor instead of trying to handle the tree problem yourself.

With that in mind, there are a few reasons to hire one and things you should look for in a contractor. There are a lot out there, but there’s a reason we offer the best tree services in Fort Mitchell, KY.

Not Just Any Tree Service Company in Fort Mitchell, KY

The reason that so many tree-related companies exist is because it’s so dangerous to try taking care of a tree yourself. Even with the help of friends, anything could go wrong and you’d be completely responsible for any damages. Once a tree starts to lean or fall in a direction you weren’t intending, that’s hundreds or thousands of pounds coming down wherever it lands.

Another factor to make you reconsider trying to take out a tree yourself is insurance. A lot of insurance companies are already hard to be reimbursed by and tree damages will often void any insurance you’ve got on your home or vehicle. 

That’s not even addressing the possibility of damaging city property, because that brings in a whole different level of cost and potential lawsuits. If you’re in a neighborhood, there’s a good chance there are power lines nearby as well and that could lead to injury or fatality. All of these reasons validate hiring a professional for tree removal in Fort Mitchell, KY.

Are They Insured for Tree Removal in Fort Mitchell, KY?

A major point that anyone new to hiring a company should know is to make sure the people you hire have insurance. Like a car accident, if the other person doesn’t have insurance it goes badly for your insurance claim and tree removal in Fort Mitchell, KY is no different. You should always check that your contractor is insured against liable damages as well as their employees, because those are two separate insurances that could affect the claim outcome if anything goes wrong.

Do You Need Tree Services in Fort Mitchell, KY?

If you’ve lived somewhere long enough, tree removal is just one thing you’ll need over time. Not all contractors offer more tree services in Fort Mitchell, KY, but we understand that your tree might not need cutting down. Unless it’s leaning or diseased, trees are usually fine and need routine maintenance. For example, pruning your tree can affect the direction it grows and avoid the need for removal in the future. Trimming branches is another way to increase the overall health and growth of your tree.

Another overlooked service that you might need is stump grinding. After a tree is removed, if the roots don’t pull up they can leave a large stump in your yard. If the tree was diseased, that’s an even bigger problem so it’s important to have the stump mulched out of the way as soon as possible.

If any of those tree services in Fort Mitchell, KY sound like something you could use, give us a call today and let us take care of it!

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