Tree Removal & Services in Crescent Springs, KY

What to Look For in Tree Removal in Crescent Springs, KY

There are a lot of things you might need done to trees on your property, from pruning the leaves and trimming branches to tree removal in Burlington, KY. When that time comes, though, you might be surprised at how many contracting companies there are for just that job, so we wanted to help.

It may seem counter-productive to tell you what to look for if you go somewhere else for your tree services in Crescent Springs, KY, but we know that by the time we’re done helping you’ll make the right decision by hiring the best.

Don't Think You Need a Tree Service Company in Crescent Springs, KY?

Whether you think you can save some money by doing it yourself or you just got a new chainsaw that you can’t wait to test out, it’s always recommended to hire a professional contractor. That’s because there are a lot of dangerous risks that come with cutting down a tree in a residential area, like the tree getting caught in power lines overhead and starting a fire or electrocuting someone.

Even if it doesn’t lead to death, there’s a good possibility of personal injury when it comes to an entire tree coming down. If not you, what about your property? If the angle is wrong or it comes down too soon, that’s a lot of weight to fall on your home or vehicles.

If those reasons aren’t enough to make you reconsider, trying to perform a tree removal in Crescent Springs, KY yourself could hit you where it really hurts: Your wallet. Contractors can be held liable if something goes wrong, but insurance doesn’t like to pay otherwise. If your tree cutting goes awry, you could be left with the bill to fix damages to your home or even paying the city.

Feel Insured With Tree Removal in Crescent Springs, KY

Speaking of being held liable, it’s important that any responsible contractor has insurance for tree removal in Crescent Springs, KY. This will protect you and your property in the instance that something does actually go wrong, but make sure to check that they’re insured against liability as well as their workers. Don’t be afraid to not take their word, either; You should be able to call and double-check their credibility with the insurance company without any problems. 

Get More Tree Services in Crescent Springs, KY

It might not be a deal-breaker, but what if you need more tree services in Crescent Springs, KY beyond just tree removal? Sometimes, branches just need to be cut back so they don’t scratch windows or possibly fall onto your home in a bad storm. We’ve got the equipment and training to take out trees in tight spaces or just trim branches if that’s what you need done. However, if a tree’s been removed you might still have a large stump problem that needs taken care of.

Stump grinding is often overlooked by some contractors, but we’ve done this long enough to know how much of a problem it is. Stumps are unsightly and take up space that you might be able to use for something else, like a garden, so it’s a big help to remove one.

If any of those tree services in Crescent Springs, KY sound like something you need, give us a call today!

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