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Expert Retaining Walls in Edgewood, KY

Are you wanting to make your yard look exceptional, and you aren’t sure where to start? Retaining walls can make the exterior of your home or business look amazing, and they have many other uses. If you live in an area where erosion is a problem, you might need to deal with your soil washing away. A retaining wall can help you with this problem.

When you live where the soil is always shifting or moving, you might need a way to solve this problem and our team can help! At Moon Lawncare and Landscaping, our team is there to help make your area look amazing. If you live in an area that is sloped or one that is elevated, keeping your soil in can be hard. By putting up a retaining wall, you can see your soil stay where it is meant to be!

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Need Retaining Walls in Edgewood, KY?

Retaining walls are convenient and sometimes necessary. Living in a sloped or elevated area can make it harder for you to keep your area from getting muddy due to sliding soil. A retaining wall can solve this problem and help to keep your soil where it is meant to be. You might want retaining walls to protect your yard features, or you might want to make your yard look aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to use your backyard for entertainment purposes or want to sit out in nature, a retaining wall can help. If you love gardening, a retaining wall can keep your garden in place, too. Let Moon Lawncare and Landscaping help you to get the backyard that you always hoped for! Retaining walls are not a DIY project and the best thing that you can do is hire a professional. 

When doing a retaining wall on your own, you risk messing up your land or even getting hurt by the wall falling or sliding. Besides the dangers of building a retaining wall on your own, most cities have building codes that have to be followed when putting up any kind of wall. To make sure that your wall is safe and sound, our experts know all of the drainage around your wall and will understand the weather to make sure that the wall can be built efficiently. 

We want to make sure that your wall is solid and sturdy! When you give us a call today at 859-468-5932, we will help to get you started!

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Types of Retaining Walls in Covington, KY

When you hire the team of experts from Moon Lawncare and Landscaping, you can rest assured that our team will know all the ins and outs of putting up a retaining wall. On top of that, our professionals will be sure to know all of the city codes to make sure that your wall is built correctly and safely. There are a variety of retaining walls that you can choose from and our team at Moon Lawncare and Landscaping can help you to decide what is best! 

By knowing the different kinds of walls and how they are built, we’ll recommend which one is best for your project. Ask us about the kinds of retaining walls that we build, such as:

  •         Gravity walls.
  •         Anchored walls.
  •         Cantilever walls.
  •         Piling walls.

Each of these retaining walls are built to last in their own way, from being anchored with cables to using the soil to help keep the wall strong. Our experts can help you to know about each of these kinds of walls and can offer you a list of materials that are used. Some of the materials that our retaining walls are built with include:

  •         Wood.
  •         Concrete.
  •         Stone.
  •         Brick.

Let us give you an estimate and help you to figure out just what you want for your area! Give Moon Lawncare and Landscaping a call right now at 8859-468-5932 and let us handle your retaining walls in Edgewood, KY!

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