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If you need to keep soil from washing away or to keep your area from eroding, getting a retaining wall can help. When your home or commercial property is surrounded by soil, chances are that you want to make sure that the soil stays in place and doesn’t flow over your roads or your driveway. Having an area that is elevated can be hard to upkeep but with a retaining wall, you can make sure that your land looks good and serves its purpose.

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We Can Help with Retaining Walls in Burlington, KY

Living on a slope or on elevated land can make your soil move. When soil moves or shifts, it can cause erosion. Having a backyard for entertaining purposes might leave you wanting something like a nice patio or fire pit. If this is the backyard that you want, a retaining wall can help to keep your area looking perfect! Building codes are required for the safety of your home and the neighborhood. 

Our team at Moon Lawncare and Landscaping knows all the local codes to get your wall built perfectly! You can be confident that our professionals will get your wall up fast and efficiently! When building a retaining wall, the builder must know how much water will drain around the wall and how much it can handle. It’s also important to understand the ground around the wall, so that it can be protected when there is deep frosting in the area.

We’ve got a team of experts that know all about those things and more! Another reason for a retaining wall could be for a garden bed. If you have a garden bed that is raised, a retaining wall can help to keep your garden in place. Whatever you want, let us know when you call 859-468-5932 today!

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Effective Retaining Walls in Burlington, KY

Some homeowners love to take on hands-on projects and they will watch online DIY tutorials in order to save some money. Building a retaining wall is not easy at all and it is important that you hire a professional to help with this project! We’ll recommend the perfect size and shape for your walls. Our team also understands all of the city codes. There are different kinds of retaining walls that Moon Lawncare and Landscaping can help you with such as:

  •         Gravity wall: Uses its own weight to hold up the wall.
  •         Piling wall: Uses piles of soil in order to keep the wall standing strongly.
  •         Cantilever wall: Uses the Earth and a lever arm to stabilize the wall.
  •         Anchored wall: Uses cables into the Earth to keep the wall standing.

Our team of professionals can help you with any of these kinds of retaining walls. The walls that are built by Moon Lawncare and Landscaping is built with a variety of materials including:

  •         Concrete.
  •         Bricks.
  •         Stone.
  •         Wood.

No matter what kind of material you choose for your retaining wall, our experts can help! Give us a call today at 859-468-5932 and let us build your retaining walls in Burlington, KY!

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