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You might already have an idea of what you want your patio installation in Fort Mitchell, KY to look like or you might have just decided you want one in the first place. Whatever the case, we’ve been doing this for a while and want to help you get the patio you want. If it would help, here’s some food for thought before you reach out to us.

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What Do You Want Out of Your Patio in Fort Mitchell, KY?

As your landscaper, we want to make sure you get the patio that will best fit your needs so we want to know more about you with questions like:

  1. Are you planning to use your patio for a quiet place of relaxation and forget about the world for a minute?
  2. Will your patio be for guests instead?
  3. When we’re done with your patio installation in Fort Mitchell, KY, what kinds of things will you use it for?

Especially the third point is the kind of thing we want to know, because understanding the purpose of your patio will help us design the perfect fit.

Manage Your Finances for Patio Installation in Fort Mitchell, KY

It might seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many homeowners are hesitant to share their budgetary restrictions or what they want out of their patio. Those are both things that we need to know, though, because it will help us when we’re planning out the structural materials and the cost of your patio’s size.

Where Do You Want Your Patio?

While your patio could technically go anywhere on your property because of how many sizes there are now, but you should know that some factors restrict the end result. For example, the location might need special construction labor so your budget will determine how much can be done.

Before you feel disheartened, though, know that we’ll do our absolute best to make sure you get your dream patio by basing our design suggestions around your finances. This might mean that the location or style has to shift, but here are some things to consider when thinking about your patio:

  1. Would you classify yourself as a private person?
  2. Where would your patio make you the happiest?
  3. How large of a space are you planning?

That last one is often overlooked by our customers, but how big your property is and how big you want your patio to be will have a serious impact on your patio installation. Remember that the goal of your patio is to give yourself a space to relax, whether that’s with others or by yourself.

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While we’ll ask those to know what your patio’s for, there are other things to think about.

  1. How hard will it be for us to get to the location for your patio installation?
  2. Do you get proper drainage or will be need to install a French-style drain?
  3. Is your area prone to harsh winds?
  4. Would you say you get more sun exposure when you plan to use your patio or will it be shaded?
  5. Are there any of your surroundings that you want your patio to face?

Building Blocks of Patio Installation

Concrete is one of the many material options you’ll have when it comes to your patio installation in Fort Mitchell, KY, but every material has benefits and negatives. It’s important to know that what material your patio is built with is a huge decision, so you’ll want to know as much as possible. You can feel free to find information throughout our site or give us a call and ask our trained staff.

Whatever you decide to do, Moon Lawn Care and Landscaping is here for your patio installation in Fort Mitchell, KY. When you want the best patio that will fit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about what you want and your financial situation.

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