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Patio installation in Covington, KY is a great way to improve the outdoor areas of your home. With some well-thought out planning you can pick the perfect materials and design. Contact Moon Lawn Care and Landscape if you’re looking for a professional landscaper or keep reading to learn more about some basic design considerations that go into making the perfect patio.

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What’s the purpose of your patio in Covington, KY?

When you work with a great local landscaping contractor they’ll take the time to get to know why you want or need a patio. We ask questions like:

  1. Is the patio meant to entertain?
  2. Will you primarily use it as a private get-away where you can relax and get some quiet time?
  3. What activities do you imagine you’ll be doing after you hire us for patio installation in Covington, KY?


The way you plan on using the patio is exactly what we need to understand to make sure we are going to design the perfect outdoor space for you.

What’s your budget for patio installation in Covington, KY?

Here’s an instance where holding your cards close to your chest isn’t the best plan of action! When you share your budget for patio installation your contractor will be better able to plan the perfect outdoor space for you. By communicating about your budget we can take many things into account including the size and materials.

Choosing the Location for Your Installation

Another reason it’s important to know and share your budget is that it can help us understand our options for installing your patio in various locations around your property. Sometimes a client wants a patio installed in an area that requires some additional special work like retaining wall installation.

If your desired patio location calls for special features but your budget can’t allow for them we may have to choose a different location or make a few concessions regarding the particular design features you want. Some things to consider when thinking about location include:

  1. Your need for privacy
  2. How big your lot is
  3. Location


For smaller properties, clients don’t usually have much choice in terms of where to build the patio. But for clients who have more room that you can work with, you should plan the patio site wisely. Make sure not to waste resources and space on building a patio that ends up being too hot and far from picturesque views.

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Other factors you should consider when picking a location are:

  1. Is your property windy?
  2. Is there a lot of rain runoff (if so french drain installation might be needed)
  3. How much sun or shade does your property get? How does that impact your desired patio?
  4. Is there a particular view you want to access or avoid?
  5. How easily accessible the area is where you want to install your patio.

We Are Living in a Material World

One of the most important considerations is what material you will use for your patio. There are a ton of options for patio installation in Covington, KY including concrete and pavers. Both have a variety of pros and cons that we’ve discussed elsewhere on the website, but we’d be happy to discuss those with you as well.


If you’re looking for a contractor to assist you with patio installation in Covington, KY gives us a call today. We’re standing by and excited to help you design the patio of your dreams.

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