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Expert Landscaping in Independence, KY

Those who haven’t hired a contractor to help with landscaping in Florence, KY (or anywhere else for that matter) may feel that the entire process is a bit overwhelming. There are dozens of considerations to be made from what type of installation you’d like to the types of plants you’ll use in that installation… and then you still have to settle on a contractor to work with.

You’ll also need to determine what types of accessories you want in your landscape installation, from benches to bird baths. While it’s easy to start dreaming of all sorts of incredible installations it’s a bit more difficult to match your dreams to the reality of your property.

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Ideas for Landscaping in Independence, KY

We know all the different landscaping designs available. We’ll make suggestions depending on what you want to get out of your yard. If you’re looking to entertain or to make your yard perfect for children, we can help!

Maybe you’re wanting to grow a vegetable or a flower garden, too. As you come up with ideas, we recommend that you make a list of all the things that you want and need with your landscaping.

This can allow us to work closely with you to give you exactly what you want. From a BBQ area to a quiet place to relax, our experts can work with any layout.

Getting the Most Out of Your Landscaping

Landscaping is a way to make your home look and feel amazing. Not only can it bring value to your home, but it can put a smile on your face for years to come.

Our team at Moon Lawncare and Landscaping will help to make the most out of your area. We can show you the parts that get sunlight for most of the day and the spaces that stay in the shade. When you are ready for  professional landscaping, give us a call today at 859-468-5932!

Finest Landscaping in Independence, KY

Think of a Focal Point

Finding the right focal point in your yard can bring out the most in your landscaping. Our experts can pinpoint the best location and recommend what should go there. You might want a garden or fire pit, or you might be interested in a modern trend, like the outdoor kitchen. The idea of the focal point is to bring everything in your yard together, so we’ll help you with accenting features, too. The ideas are only limited by your budget!

Be Flexible

Our experts want you to get the landscaping in Independence, KY that you deserve. When you hire us, we’ll listen to your ideas and do our best to bring them to life. We’ll work with your budget and space to give you as close to your dream as possible. When you’re ready to get started, give Moon Lawncare and Landscaping a call today at 859-468-5932 and schedule your estimate!

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