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Make Your Dreams a Reality with Landscaping in Hebron, KY

If you haven’t hired a landscaper before, it can get frustrating quickly. Something as simple as, “I want new bushes and a small garden in my backyard” can be blown out of proportion fast.

What type of bushes do you want? Do you want a raised bed for my garden? What plants are native to your area? Will it look good in your yard? What about garden accessories? Will a bird bath look cool here? Or how about a bench near the rose bushes? 

By hiring a professional landscaping service like Moon Lawncare & Landscaping, we’ll take the confusion out of your ideas and help you bring your dream to life. Call us today at 859-468-5932, and let’s make your dream come true together!

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Let Us Design Your Landscaping in Hebron, KY

If you’ve got your ideal landscape dreamt up, it’s time to start the design process. Close your eyes and envision what you want your yard to look like. Maybe a little raised garden near your fence popped into your head.

We recommend that you make a list of what you want and need in your landscaping. Do you want an area to host lavish picnics with your friends and family? How about a cool area for the kids to play in? Or maybe a relaxing oasis to read a book in the sun?

Think about things you want from your yard. Having these ideas will help you decide what’s important to you, and what isn’t. Sort your list by what’s a must-have and what would simply be nice to have.

Working with a professional is a great way to match up what you want with what your property is actually capable of supporting. At Moon Lawncare and Landscaping, we’ll help you make the choices easier.

Our team will recommend what would fit best in your dream landscaping in Hebron, KY. You may be able to accomplish all of your landscaping goals, or you may need to pick and choose what’s most important to you.

Consider The Location

It’s good to know how the sun and wind could impact your property. During the day take some pictures of your yard to find what areas have light for most of the day, and what areas are shaded.

This will allow you to make wise decisions about how to get the most out of your list of wants and needs. When you’re ready for the best landscaping in Hebron, KY, call us today at 859-468-5932!

Things to Think About for Landscaping in Florence, KY

Think of a Focal Point


One of our favorite landscaping hacks is to think of a main feature that can serve as the focal point for your yard. Maybe it’s an outdoor kitchen or fire pit near your hedges. For others it may be a vegetable garden or butterfly garden. Whatever you decide is the most important part of your dream, it can serve as the main focus of your yard. From there, other features can be designed to help accentuate it.

Be Flexible

Once you have your list of ideas from needs to wants, it’s time to decide what stays and goes. It can be difficult to stray from your vision, but our suggestions will help you get the best of both worlds. Give us a call today at 859-468-5932 for your landscaping in Hebron, KY and you’ll find yourself with a yard that brings you joy for years to come.

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