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How to Plan for Landscaping in Florence, KY

Those who haven’t hired a contractor to help with landscaping in Florence, KY (or anywhere else for that matter) may feel that the entire process is a bit overwhelming. There are dozens of considerations to be made from what type of installation you’d like to the types of plants you’ll use in that installation… and then you still have to settle on a contractor to work with.

You’ll also need to determine what types of accessories you want in your landscape installation, from benches to bird baths. While it’s easy to start dreaming of all sorts of incredible installations it’s a bit more difficult to match your dreams to the reality of your property.

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Deciding on Designs for Landscaping in Florence, KY

Alright, so you’ve got your ideal landscape dreamt up, and it’s time to start the design process. We recommend that you start by making an extensive list of what you want and need in your landscaping in Florence, KY. For instance, ask yourself what you want to get out of your yard – do you want to grow a vegetable garden or do you want a place to host guests and let the children play?

Working with a professional is a great way to match up what you want with what your property is actually capable of supporting. You may be able to accomplish all of your lansdcaping goals, or you may need to pick and choose what’s most important to you.

Think about things you may want such as areas to sit and relax or areas to cook and BBQ. Sort your list by what’s a must-have down to those things that would simply be nice or ideal to have.

Consider The Location

Your landscaping company in Florence, KY can help with this, but it won’t hurt to spend a little time learning how the sun and wind impact your property. Find what areas are bathed in light throughout the day and which are more prone to being in the shadows. This will allow you to make wise decisions about how to get the most out of your list of wants and needs.

Quick Tips for Designs for Landscaping in Florence, KY

Think of a Focal Point

One of our favorite landscaping hacks is to think of a main feature that can serve as the focal point for your yard. For some this may be an outdoor kitchen or fire pit. For others it may be a vegetable garden or butterfly garden. Whatever you decide on it can serve as the main focus of your yard, and other features can be designed to help accentuate it.

Be Flexible

While you have spent a lot of time planning out your list of wants and needs and have undoubtedly worked hard to bring that in line with what your property is suited for. But keep in mind that your landscaper in Florence, KY may have some suggestions to help you get the best of both worlds. Be flexible and willing to work with your skilled professional and you’ll be likely to find yourself with a yard that brings you joy for years to come.

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