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A Few Ideas for Landscaping in Crescent Springs, KY

If you’re looking for a professional to help with Landscaping in Crescent Springs, KY you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared with the right ideas. As we have mentioned elsewhere on this site, it’s important you start with a clear vision before contacting the landscaper you’re thinking of hiring.

We encourage all of our clients to start by working with their property’s existing features. For instance, some of our clients would love to have a specific type of garden but their property accumulates and holds too much water to support it. While we can and regularly do install french drains and other water mitigation systems, it may not be within your budget to do so.

Others would like a type of garden that just isn’t conducive to their lifestyle. For instance, those with young children may want to avoid more delicate installations such as butterfly gardens, as children playing in the yard can quickly disrupt and damage the installation.

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Consider This for Landscaping in Crescent Springs, KY

Here are a few ideas worth considering before settling on the type of installation you want your landscaper in Crescent Springs, KY to provide (remember, you can call us at any time to ask questions if you’re not sure what may work for you)! Start with these questions:

  • How much sun or shade is in your yard? The lighting conditions are an important consideration, as it will dictate what types of plants we can install.
  • Do you plan on having lots of visitors and activities in the yard, or will it mostly be calm and peaceful? Do you have pets? Children?
  • How much maintenance are you willing to personally perform? If you don’t want to do any maintenance are you willing to pay for a landscaper in Crescent Springs, KY to provide it?
  • Is there a specific aesthetic your home already possesses that would be appropriately complemented by the right type of landscape installation?

With these considerations in mind you’ll be better able to provide your landscaper with a vision of not only what you’re dreaming of, but also what is realistic for your home and lifestyle. Read on to learn about seven popular types of landscaping in the area.

Asian Style Garden

These gardens take inspiration mostly from Japanese Zen ideas, and include many water features, rocks, and stones. Bonsai trees are popular additions to these gardens, along with ponds featuring Koi fish. They tend to require diligent attention and are seen by many owners to be a great form of relaxation and meditation.


Xeriscapes are a type of landscaping in Crescent Springs, KY that reduces water consumption by focusing on techniques that reduce evaporation and plants that use have low water requirements. It is a very environmentally conscious design decision.

More Types of Landscaping in Crescent Springs, KY

Butterfly Gardens

These gardens aren’t just popular for butterflies, although they do tend to be the main attraction. By installing a garden with flowers that provide a variety of food you’ll be certain to attract a variety of winged friends – including humming birds and bees. It’s important that these areas be visible yet protected from the wind.

Informal Landscaping in Crescent Springs, KY

These designs rely on curved edges and placing your plants in intentionally “random” patterns. They’re great for homes with kids and pets as well as those who like the more natural style look, as opposed to the linear and geometric designs of more traditional landscaping designs.

Formal Landscape Designs

As opposed to “informal landscaping in Crescent Springs, KY,” formal designs are much more geometric. There are many more straight lines, plants are very well maintained and frequently pruned to ensure a clean, precise appearance. Topiary plants are very common in these designs. Formal landscapes will require a lot of maintenance, either from yourself or the landscaper in Crescent Springs, KY you choose to hire.

Woodland Landscaping

This type of landscaping attempts to mimic nature. By taking the time to properly planand select the right plants you can reduce the amount of maintenance required in your yard. This type of installation is popular for indivdiuals who want a piece of nature in their backyard, adding a serene and calming zone where you can rest and relax.

English Gardens

Perrenials are an important component in English Gardens, along with shrubs. This type of garden is popular for those who have a home that matches the aesthetic. When you think of an English Garden, think of the traditional bird bath in an arbor and you’ll have the perfect visualization.

Ready to Hire a Landscaper in Crescent Springs, KY?

If you’ve got a great idea in mind for your yard call us today or click that big green button to schedule your free estimate. Remember, we’re always willing to help answer any questions you may have no matter how far along in the process you may be. Call Moon Lawncare and Landscaping at 859-468-5932.

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