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Are you looking for a professional that can handle all your landscaping operations? Do you want a company that’ll handle all your landscaping needs like it’s theirs? Moon Lawncare and Landscaping is the company to call. No matter the kind of yard work you need, our team of professionals will meet and exceed your expectations. We do not only handle such projects for you, but we can also inspire and guide you to do it yourself if you want. 

Do you already have a design in mind but need a little inspiration to transfer the design from your thoughts to the physical? Trust our team to guard you carefully through the path when you give us a call today!

Expert Landscape Design

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Bringing Your Yard to Life

At Moon Lawncare and Landscaping, we specialize in handling all kinds of landscape design and installation in Fort Mitchell, KY. Landscaping is a rewarding task because of the creativity it allows us to achieve. Fortunately, there are no set rules, so we can go as far as we want in design and creativity. Whatever kind of landscaping design you envision in your mind is possible. 

You just need the right people to help actualize it, and that’s what Moon Lawncare and Landscaping is about. Whether you’re dealing with a small space or a large yard, we’ll help you bring your ideas to life. Call today if you’re looking for a landscape design and installation company that can get the job done!

Balancing Your Landscape

Balancing is an important aspect of landscaping, so we incorporate it into all our designs. We want to ensure consistency in all the areas, so we’ll maintain symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements everywhere. 

Symmetrical arrangements help ensure equal spaces on both sides, while asymmetrical arrangements ensure balance by using the same kinds of materials in your installation. 

This balance style works best in areas with flowers, plants, and trees. If done correctly, it can add to the area’s curb appeal.

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Unity and Design

Different landscaping elements combine to take your yard design to a new level. We can use the same flowers, plants, stones, walkways, and retaining walls to bring unity to your lawns. 

Unity in landscaping happens when there’s consistency in design materials. It can make your yard look amazing. If you want to bring unity and balance to your landscaping design, call us to help handle it.

Call today if you’re looking for a landscape design and installation company on Fort Mitchell, KY that can get the job done!

Reputable Landscape Design and Installation in Fort Mitchell, KY

As we’ve mentioned above, there are no set rules when it comes to landscaping, so you can explore your creative depths. However, you’ll often need creative inspiration to get the best out of every design. We’re here for you in such situations. Our extensive catalog features many beautiful and unique designs you can copy or modify to get the best out of your project. 

Nothing brings an area to life like color, so it’s not surprising that you’d want a variety of colors on your flowers, furniture, walkways, or even stones. Fortunately, our product catalogs feature extensive designs and colors that can bring depth and design to your yard. The first step to getting excellent designs is choosing the right plants, flowers, and materials. Next, you need to find a transition that works. 

Transition helps you utilize your yard successfully. Arranging small plants in the front and larger plants in the back can help your design stand out. A reputable landscape design and installation in Fort Mitchell, KY, can help you achieve this without stress, so call us today.

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