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Most people want remodeling on the inside of their homes, but they forget that the outside is just as important. Landscaping is not something that should be skimpy and if you want to make your home more valuable, we can help. You might be someone that is considering doing your own landscaping. If you are going to do your own DIY landscaping project, this can be a lot of hard work.  

Design and material is important when making your landscaping choices and our team can get you on the right path. Do you want to make your outside nice for entertaining or do you just want a gorgeous and quiet place to sit? At Moon Lawncare and Landscaping we can give you the outside space that you desire. Rather you have your own ideas, or you want us to help you come up with some, together we can create the perfect space. 

Getting the perfect landscape design and installation in Burlington, KY can happen. We can take your yard, vast or small and turn it into something exciting. You can decide what kind of materials and plan that you want because there are no rules when it comes to landscaping. With a little help and guidance, we can help make your curb appeal shine! Call us at 859-468-5932 and let us give you an estimate on your outdoor landscaping project!

Using Proportion and Repetition

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Choosing the Perfect Design

Bringing the wow factor to your home is one reason to hire us for your landscaping needs. By using proportion, you will see that the different sizes of trees and bushes can make a huge difference in how your area looks. When choosing furniture, using repetition in the styles and colors can cause your outdoor space to really stand out. Try using different pieces of wood or wicker when picking your furniture.

Our professionals can help you pick the right size of materials and the best colors that fit your vision. Even though there are no rules for designing your landscape, some of these ideas might help to make your material choices easier. Since there are so many different designs, by following these small strategies, you can create the space that you’ll love.

One strategy that you might want to try is transitioning. Choosing small plants for the front and large plants for the back of your space allows you to use all areas of your yard. Our landscape design and installation in Burlington, KY can help with transition.

Nothing says landscaping like a variety of colors. The color choices are endless, and you can pick whichever ones you want. You can decide to bring color to your outside by adding flowers or different colored paving stones. Some people will add furniture to bring more color and depth to their landscaping. At Moon Lawncare and Landscaping, our professionals can help you to pick out the best materials that come in the colors that you desire.

Get Landscape Design and Installation in Burlington, KY

Are you looking for something appealing and different? Our experts can help to bring unity and balance to your yard. Unity and balance means that you are using techniques such as symmetry, asymmetry and consistency. Using the same materials throughout the area will make your space welcoming.

When you have an equal yet balanced area with different materials, you will see that your area will be attractive. Planting trees, flowers and plants in the precise spots will enhance the pleasure of your outdoor space.

landsape design and installation in covington ky

Get Landscape Design and Installation in Burlington, KY

At Moon Lawncare and Landscaping we want you to have the outdoor space of your dreams. By using our strategies and designs, we can work together to make your ideas come to life. When you are ready to make your landscaping designs work, let us help!  Give us a call and let us give you an estimate today! We can make your outside space picture perfect!

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