Decks and Pergolas in Burlington, KY

Quality Decks & Pergolas in Burlington, KY

Whether you’re building a deck from scratch or renovating an old one, there are several options and unique variables worth considering, from deck size to shape and material. You also want to consider stairs, railings, and landscaping options. All these can be overwhelming for anybody. However, we can always help you make the right choice. The team at Moon Lawncare & Landscaping specializes in constructing top-quality custom decks. You’ve dreamed so much about the perfect, serene yard where you can relax with your family on cool evenings. Let’s help bring your dreams to pass with the best-looking patios you can imagine. Call us today for top-quality decks and pergolas construction in Burlington, KY!

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Excellent Decks & Pergolas in Burlington, KY

If you live in Burlington, you’ll agree that the weather is inviting almost throughout the year. Most times, you want to sit outside with your family or friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. Other times, you want to discuss important business proposals with guests outside your house. A deck gives you the perfect scenery to enjoy your outdoor moments. However, you’d need a deck design that can help you maximize your home enjoyment. Moon Lawncare & Landscape is always ready to help you achieve this. Our experience in custom deck construction, installation, and maintenance stands out. We can handle all deck installations, irrespective of your yard’s size or layout. 

While installing new custom decks is one of our favorite tasks, there’s more we can offer. What happens when your already installed decks need special attention, maintenance, or a total replacement? Our team of deck installations and repair experts will help you handle it. We’ll carefully examine the damaged parts and recommend the best repair format. We’ll replace all damaged planks with new, sturdy materials. When it comes to design upgrades or improvements, you can rest assured that none do it better than us. We can customize design features like pergolas and arbors to suit your specifications. Call us today to discuss more about all we can bring as far as decks and pergolas in Burlington, KY are concerned!

The Best Decks & Pergolas in Burlington, KY

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Make your yard your new favorite location with top-quality pergolas crafted and installed by Moon Lawncare & Landscape. Our wood, vinyl, and metal pergolas come with freestanding and attached options to give you style varieties. We’ve also trained our artisans to customize elements to suit existing architectures. So, whatever the design of your home or your ideas, our artisans will deliver the best pergolas design you can imagine.

Unlike patio covers and gazebos, pergolas feature a loosely-knit design that allows the free flow of air and light. So you’ll have a cool, shaded spot where your family and guests can relax. Our clients are always impressed by the level of upgrade our pergolas bring to their yards. You too, can leverage our expertise to give your yard the facelift it needs. Are you looking for an experienced team to handle the installation and maintenance of decks & pergolas in Burlington, KY? We’re ready to help. Call us today to discuss all the wonderful ideas we have!

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