Decks and Pergolas in Florence, KY

Do You Need Decks and Pergolas in Florence, KY?

Your home extends to the property line, but many homeowners don’t get as much as they could out of that space. With Kentucky having such beautiful weather, what better way to enjoy it than with a deck? The good news is that Moon Lawncare and Landscaping is here to help by giving you custom decks and pergolas in Florence, KY and the surrounding area.

Some of the popular deck designs that we install are:

  1. Attached deck
  2. Screened or covered porch
  3. Free-standing deck
  4. Exterior room for every season

Keep in mind that these are just basic deck ideas for our designers to start from. For example, there are a lot of different things to evolve and expand on with pergolas or rafters, textured styles, furniture, and the type of wood used. The last one is important because different woods are better for different purposes. Pressure-treated wood is pretty common for the deck frame for the strength it holds, but steel is obviously the best durability.

Whatever you’re looking for, call us today at 859-468-5932 and talk to our experts. We want you to get a deck that fits your needs with the best results that you deserve! If you want to know more of what to expect and ideas that our designers might come up with, feel free to keep reading.

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Options for Decks and Pergolas in Florence, KY

While we’re specialists with deck installation, we also know that materials don’t last forever. That’s why our team is also experienced at repairs and replacements, because you might want to take the opportunity to upgrade your deck with other features. Whether it’s just replacing rotten wood with new lumber or adding a new pergola, we’re ready for your call!

If the cost of a deck repair would be more expensive than a replacement, we’ll make cost-effective suggestions to make sure you can keep enjoying your time outdoors. Of course, if it’s the first deck or a replacement, you’ll want to think about the size. We’re happy to build a deck as big as you want to meet your lifestyle, but we’ll have to stay within your budget.

As far as design suggestions, be prepared for us to ask questions to get to know you better. Here are some things we might need to know:

  1. Do you plan to use your deck for entertaining guests or family gatherings?
  2. Are you more introverted and want a quiet space outside to read your book?
  3. What time of day will you be using your deck?

For bigger get-togethers, we might recommend a bigger deck with multiple levels for multiple activities. If you live a quiet lifestyle or have a smaller yard, we might focus more on built-in seating and other features that will open the space more. The key to our custom deck installation is to build you something that fits you and your plans, so let us know your answers when you give us a call!

We Know Decks and Pergolas in Florence, KY

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In case you’re not familiar with a pergola, it’s essentially an overhead lattice with rafters supported by pillars of wood. The main difference between pergolas and normal covers is how they’re constructed, because the lattice design allows some sun and airflow while providing shade. If you want a modern trend that can add flair to your deck, a pergola might be just what you’re looking for.

We’re experienced with decks and pergolas in Florence, KY, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing. We suggest using stain on your deck instead of paint, because wood absorbs stain better for color and it lasts longer. Lighting is a great way to bring out features and let you maximize your deck investment by using it at night, so that’s an important consideration.

Lights can also help enhance your home’s security with anything from floodlights and rail lighting to lights on the stairs or strung along rafters. A recent trend is LED lighting, which can save electricity or be dimmed. If you still need convincing, we’ll make sure your deck fits local codes and regulations because some contractors will space the wood pickets more than the 3 and 7/8″ allowed.

When you’re ready to get a custom deck installation that will be built around what you want, call Moon Lawncare and Landscaping today. Once you dial 859-468-5932 and talk to one of our experts, you can feel confident that you’re in the best hands!

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